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Brattle Theater
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Notes on Trash Night

This is not the deliberately seeded so-bad-it’s-good of Sharknado or its spiritual Bad Film contemporaries.

Ridiculously Expensive Sneakers
Live Fresh or Dai

Sorry Mom, I Spent $350 on Some Dumb Sneakers

The question, as I reflect back on my choice to spend such a massive sum on footwear, comes down to this: How do you make sense of these ridiculous Nice Things? How do you understand your own urge to buy and wear them?

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Armor and Art at Anime Boston

The event is surprisingly diverse. I see everything from babies wearing matching Sailor Moon costumes to 70-year-old couples dressed as Mario and Luigi.

Boston Leprechaun
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Kiss Me, I’m Very Not Irish and Cold and Confused

It’s stupid cold out today, this March morning with the sky frozen cloudless glacier-blue. The bitter wind and whining bagpipes of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade turns my face numb. I’m desperately clutching two slices of pizza, jostled to and fro among the low-slung buildings of South Boston.


On Chronic Illness and Clothes

"My idea of fashion is never to dictate a certain sense of style… but to make sure that for my own sake, I wasn’t feeling controlled by my illness.”

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Self-described as the “dopest sneaker event in Boston”, Sneakergreet descends upon a Holiday Inn in east Somerville on February 3rd.

Onesie Bar Crawl

Batman and Totoro Walk Into a Bar

On Saturday, Boston’s first Onesie Bar Crawl was held from 2 to 10 p.m., drawing more than 2,500 attendees in what the organizers, Party America and We Love Onesies, termed “the most comfortable outing of the year!”

Italian buffet

The Word: Treat

This was a constant mystery to me back then: What did white people have for dinner? What was American food?

Robot + Ball
On Campus

Robo-Roaming at the Harvard Biorobotics Lab

Founded in 1990 by engineering professor Robert D. Howe, the Biorobotics Lab develops robots that can both sense and operate in dynamic, unpredictable environments.

Forbes 30 Under 30
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7,000 Under 30

“Do you have a LinkedIn?” one concert-goer yells at a girl. She nods. Both whip out their smartphones and add each other.