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Abe Rebollo

Abraham Rebollo

Rebollo’s family’s immigration story has shaped their experience at Harvard just as profoundly as it did their childhood.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna Dancing

Augusta C. Uwamanzu-Nna

Augusta C. Uwamanzu-Nna’s ’20 orange and gold ankara skirt flutters as she dances, smiling at the camera lens as it records her.

ShotSpotter Heat Map

Eyes and Ears in Cambridge

While ShotSpotter is used nationally — in cities as large as New York and Chicago, but also as small as Somerville and Revere — its efficacy is still in question.

Asian American Comedy Show Producers

No More Sixteen Candles

These comedians and I are having a conversation, and we don’t need a big wooden table in a Harvard seminar to talk about diaspora, our parents, and Asianness in America. We don’t have to explain unbelonging to each other.

Loop Lab
The Scoop

The Loop Lab Asks Why

Malikowski is the program manager at the Loop Lab, the 11-month-old nonprofit focused on providing professional audio-video training for underrepresented young people in The Port, a neighborhood of Cambridge. Its ultimate goal is to provide them with the tools they need to enter into the digital and creative economy.

Transit Pod

Transit Pod

Mike D. Stanley, CEO of Transit X, shows off the pod he hopes will revolutionize public transit.

Transit Pod
Around Town

Pod Save… the World?

"This is the silver bullet. This is the silver bullet for not just transportation, but for happiness. This is the happiness pill."


The Life-Changing Magic of Quashing Clutter and Capitalism in your Email Inbox

As I typed, the status quo crumbled around me — I was Leo DiCaprio waking from his dream worlds in Inception. As I destroyed the illusions of my email inbox, the material world around me shook with possibility.

Left Out of the System

Left Out of the System

At Harvard and at elite Boston public schools, so-called “objective” metrics used in admissions may not deserve the name. The game of who gets in where is undergirded — and, to a certain extent, predetermined — by a complex ecosystem of devoted parents, well-paid tutors, and driven students.

Bloody Monday

Harvard's 'Bloody Monday'

Harvard sophomores used to beat up freshmen in one violent annual tradition.


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The vloggers’ videos, class years, and backgrounds may vary, but their viewers do not. Watchers’ comments seem to idolize Harvard with words like “hope,” “dream,” and “wish,” along with countless heart-eyes emojis. The vloggers cater to an audience that requests all Harvard coverage, all the time.

All Aboard

Remembering Rosa Parks on Boston's Buses

To Ornell, honoring Rosa Parks isn’t just about celebrating Parks’ brave actions that ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She says it’s about what Rosa Parks, as an American civil rights leader, represents to Boston and to continuing struggles for justice.