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What the Hell Happened: The New GOT Trailer is Impossibly Dark

The new trailer is so dark that it is literally impossible to know what is going on, and anyone who says otherwise is flat-out lying.

‘Weekends’ Still

Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts Merit Primetime Viewing

Ranging in tone from absurdist allegorical comedy to deeply felt portraits of family and illness, the animated shorts selected by the Academy this year are a true testament to the creative largesse of the medium.

"boygenius" album cover.
Arts Blog

Top Five Supergroups

I present to you Top Five: Supergroup Edition — with a few caveats.

Edith Scott Saavedra '80

Portrait of an Artist: Edith Scott Saavedra

Edith E. Scott Saavedra ’80 has recently released a bilingual historical novel entitled “The Lamps of Albarracín/Los candiles de Albarracín.”

Ramen at Yume Wo Katare

Community Ramen Hotspot Still the Stuff of Dreams

Above a swooping, hand-painted “Yume Wo Katare,” the restaurant’s sign reads “until 2030.” Yet after just one meal here, it is easy to imagine this cheeky community of dreamers keeping its doors open for much longer.

SFAH still

‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ Is Human-Scale Cooking

No matter how fed up one has become with the Netflix content machine, “Salt Fat Acid Heat” is hard to hate.

'Colette' still

‘Colette’ Brings Feminist Levity to Belle Epoque France

“Colette” is less a period piece and more a seductive and cheerful romp through one woman’s dramatic actualization of her physical and intellectual autonomy.