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Kathie Sarachild in Florida

A Radical Weapon

As the heat swells, an orange haze consumes bras — and the curling pages of Playboy magazine — in a plume of rising smoke and a purge of female frustration.

Makeup Endpaper Design

Every Friday Night

Sometimes, I pretend I’m in one of those getting-ready-montage movie scenes, like the songs from Spotify’s latest pop playlist are actually my life’s perfectly-synced backup track.

Maria L. Hinojosa

Listening for Humanity at the Margins

A fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Maria L. Hinojosa speaks with FM about her groundbreaking career in journalism.

Andrea Flores

Lipstick and Legislation in Obama’s White House

When Andrea Flores was elected as the first Latinx president of the Harvard Undergraduate Council in 2008, her lipstick posed a problem.

Flying Cloud Boat Model
Around Town

Sailing Back In Time

Love is a necessary criterion for model ship building, considering the arduous, intensive process required. Love — a lot of it — is the driving motivation of these loyal hobbyists.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Fellow Asian-Americans, Back Off of Affirmative Action

We, as a people that both enjoy privilege and lack it, have a responsibility to ourselves and other communities of color.