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boston answering 2019

Boston Answering Put Boston’s Finest First

While Boston Calling‘s Saturday line-up was in full swing, five Boston-based artists took to the Strand Theater in Dorchester to showcase their artistry in music.

the east side cast photo

‘The East Side’ Explores the Struggle of Living in the West

With its powerful ideas of gentrification, family, and identity, along with incredibly catchy and unique music and set design, “The East Side” is a fun and heartwarming production.

Disney Still

What The Hell Happened: Disney Joins the Streaming Service World

One can’t help but wonder what will become of Netflix and other streaming services once Disney+ hits the ground running.

the world is yours 2

Style Trumps Substance in ‘The World Is Yours 2"

Rich the Kid primarily makes music good for energizing a party crowd. Until he breaks out of the box he’s in, he’ll only be a trap rapper with a beat that slaps — until it’s forgotten.

‘The Aftermath’ still

‘The Aftermath’ of a Disappointing Love Affair

Ultimately the film is an overly dramatic and shallow tale of a romance gone wrong.


J.I.D & Since the 80s Talk Life in the Music Industry with No Label

Invited by student group No Label, the critically acclaimed rapper and his managers, Barry Johnson and Zekiel Nicholson, spoke about their experiences.


Black Arts Festival 2019: Professor and Photographer Talk Intersection of Vision and Justice

Throughout the night, Lewis and Mitchell traded off between discussions of the photography industry and the representation of race in fashion.

Kanye West The College Dropout

And Then There Was Kanye: 15 Years After “The College Dropout”

If anything, now is the perfect time to listen to who Kanye was — if only to remember the humble beginnings and industry-shattering talent.