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‘The Chaperone’ still

‘The Chaperone’ Should’ve Left Its Bland Story In the Past

Female empowerment. Sexuality. The new era of women. Director Michael Engler tries to juggle all of these themes in “The Chaperone,” yet the film falls short.

‘Tone-Deaf’ still

‘Tone-Deaf’ Fails to Hit the Right Note

This film is a must-see in the same way that “Sharknado” or “The Human Centipede” are must-sees — purely for their shock value.

Cersei Lannister Photo

Unpopular Opinion: Cersei Lannister Isn’t a Heartless Bitch

Get an ice pack for this hot take because it’s time to start liking Cersei.

Emily Spector

Portrait of An Artist: Emily M. Spector ’21

Musician Emily M. Spector ’21 premiered her latest album, “Tokens,” for a crowd of students in Winthrop Grille.