Justin Y.C. Wong

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Zooming in on Power Dynamics

In the midst of this normalization, it is productive— both for sociological insight and as a pedagogical tool — to reflect on the power dynamics and norms that we had taken for granted.

Isolationism Doesn’t Save Anyone

Today, we have the toolbox to defeat an international crisis without sacrificing ourselves. We should use it actively and responsibly. And we should definitely not burn it to fan the flames of nationalist fervor.

In the 24 Minutes Home

I know what it feels like to be at home, and I feel that way when I am at Harvard with my friends and in Hong Kong with my friends and family.

Money, Harvard, and Morals

If we truly believe that “Harvard” should steer clear of unethical financing, we should also demand a reciprocal duty from ourselves.

Abstaining from the UC

Until there is a candidate who recognizes these flaws and a UC that is dedicated to fixing them, I would like the right to abstain in a UC election.

To Harvard’s Chinese Students

I regret that this culture and ethnicity is now being championed by a government who purportedly claims to protect its people, yet, at the same time, fails to even respect their basic human rights, dignity, and value.