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Massachusetts General Hospital's Pursuit of Happiness

The Happiness Committee has existed at Massachusetts General Hospital for several years, but it has taken on an entirely new meaning during the pandemic and has been working to boost the well-being of both patients and healthcare workers alike.

Homecoming: Perfect Stranger

“So, where are you from?” I have been asked this question dozens of times by dozens of people during my time at Harvard. Every time, I return my well-rehearsed lie: “I’m from Baltimore, but I live in California now.”


But in that moment, lying on my back, as the adrenaline wears off and I feel searing pain spread into my right foot, left knee, left hip, elbows, and shins, I have a moment of clarity: “Wow, this hurts way fucking worse than getting quadded.”

The Stuck at Home Edition

Before California’s statewide lockdown, Kader’s day job was as a children’s motivational speaker, traveling to elementary schools across California to speak about the importance of self-esteem and an active lifestyle. Following the ongoing shutdown of most California schools since March 18, Kader’s in-person assemblies are no longer possible.

Advice to Josh: Quarantine

With a limited amount of things to do in quarantine, FM is coming back from its six-year hiatus to provide advice to our eternal and anonymous freshman, Josh. We’ve asked FM writers to help Josh come up with some new ideas to help pass his time in quarantine. Josh didn’t even ask for FM’s advice — so you can be the judge of who’s really crying for help here. Anyway, here are their expert answers.

Waiting To Be Called Upon

As COVID-19 has spread across the country, many hospitals have struggled to keep up with an influx of new patients. In hopes of alleviating the pressure on the medical system, many state governors have called on medical school deans to allow their fourth-year students to graduate early so that they can begin their residencies immediately. Though Harvard Medical School now offers this option, bureaucratic barriers have prevented many eligible students from answering the call. As a result, Torres isn’t the only student to feel as if they have been left in limbo, neither able to continue their medical education online nor start their residency programs until the summer.

Me and My Chip Bag Versus the World

"I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to best comfort my mother. I don’t know how to best help the people around me. I don’t know how to best help my friends. I don’t even know how to muster the right amount of empathy for people living next door, let alone people across the country or across oceans."