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Women’s Center Sponsors 'New Visions'-Themed Women’s Week

At the Harvard College Women’s Center’s 14th annual Women’s Week, eight student-led events celebrated the turn of the decade with the theme “New Visions,” in honor of International Women’s Day.

Hum 10 Students Criticize Lack of Racial Diversity on Syllabus

Though the Humanities 10a and 10b curriculum has evolved over the past several years, some students say they are still dissatisfied with the lack of racial diversity in the year-long course’s reading list.

Symposium Honors Work and Legacy of García Peña in Ethnic Studies

Faculty members, students, and visiting scholars crowded into the Barker Center’s Thompson Room Thursday to attend “The Legacy of Dominicanidad: A Symposium on the Work of Lorgia García Peña,” a day-long panel hosted by the Warren Center for Studies in American History.

Harvard Scientists Develop Method to Limit Fat Absorption as Treatment for Obesity

A team of Harvard scientists have found a potential new method of treating obesity by limiting the body’s absorption of fat, according to a paper published Nov. 25 in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Patricia Nolan

Patricia “Patty” M. Nolan ’80, who is running for Cambridge City Council, has framed her campaign around what she says is her unique combination of being an outsider and having experience within city governance.

Jody Olsen and Barbara Stewart Discuss Public Service at the IOP

Moderated by Mark D. Gearan ’78, a former director of the Peace Corps and the current director of the Institute of Politics, Stewart and Olsen each spoke about how they began their journey in service.