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First-Year Harvard Medical Students Develop COVID-19 Testing Review Platform

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, two first-year Harvard Medical School students have developed a user review platform for COVID-19 testing sites.

How COVID-19 Made a Harvard Epidemiologist Into a Public Ambassador for Science

“I got a call from the Prime Minister of Israel who just wanted to talk about what they were doing,” Marc Lipsitch said. “That's a level of advice that I've never been asked to do before and has been really interesting.”

Medical School Faces Up to $65 Million in Losses in FY20

Harvard Medical School is facing losses between $39 million and $65 million for the current fiscal year, Dean George Q. Daley ’82 announced in an email to affiliates Thursday.

As COVID-19 Pandemic Unfolds, Harvard Professors Find a New Audience Online

As many Americans seek out expert knowledge on the novel coronavirus in the midst of the pandemic, some Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School professors have taken to social media to inform the public about the virus.

At Least 500,000 Tests Needed Per Day to Reopen Economy, Harvard Researchers Say

Researchers at the Harvard Global Health Institute estimate the United States will need to perform at least 500,000 coronavirus tests per day in order to successfully reopen the economy, according to a Saturday report.