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A Driveway Full of Shining Eyes

Even though Boston Symphony Hall stands silent today, its music is "coming to life again" in Benjamin Zander's driveway. "Since May, Benjamin Zander’s two-car driveway on Brattle Street has slowly filled with live music; the audience now reaches 200 guests, spread out across the driveway and down the street, all wearing masks."


Since May, the Safe and Sound series — what Zander playfully calls “Live-in-the-Drive” — has had a total of 14 concerts featuring musicians from the Boston area.

McGee Speaks on Marginalization of Racial Minorities in STEM Fields

Author Ebony O. McGee, an associate professor of Diversity and STEM Education at Vanderbilt University, spoke about institutional barriers people of color face in STEM fields during a Gutman Library Book Talk webinar Monday.