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Things To Rely On When Your Senator Goes On Vacation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that politicians are not the most truthful or reliable people. Still, abandoning your constituents during a deadly winter storm to go vacay in Mexico is pretty low. If you’re like me and are looking for more stability, here’s a list of things that are always reliable, no matter the (apocalyptic) weather — Sorry, Fled… uhm, I mean, Ted Cruz.

Flyby Tries: Fun Ways to Reuse Those Giant Brown Paper Bags

Years from now, the Class of 2024 will be known by many things. We’re the class that started college on Zoom, along with a million other ~unprecedented~ experiences. However, believe it or not, we have another legacy: we’re the class with the giant brown paper bags (thanks, HUDS!).

Sleep Schedules for a Zoom Semester

There are some undeniable benefits to online learning, however, for a perpetually sleep deprived college student, one has to wonder how beneficial Zoom classes are for one’s sleep schedule.

Relaxing-ish Things To Do While Waiting For Election Results

Unfortunately, we probably won’t find out who’s gonna be America’s Next Top Mod — I mean, America’s Next President on Tuesday night. So instead of going out of our minds stressing out about the fate of this country, here’s a list of relaxing-ish things that Harvard students can do while waiting for the election result.

Halloween Bingo: Zoom Edition

Isn't it wild that Halloween is here already? Whether you’re on campus or off, this is probably not how you imagined spending your spooky season this year — worry not! Use this fun bingo to pass the time and see if your COVID-inspired Halloween experience is Bingo-worthy!