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How To: Class of 2025 Intro Blurb

Decision day was Monday. So, congratulations on finally committing to the most ~transformative~ experience of your life, Class of 2025. Flyby is here to make sure your Harvard intro blurb will leave a lasting and good impression to your future classmates with the dos and don’ts in writing it.

Email Send Offs as the Ivy League

Although the eight Ivy League schools boast diverse student bodies, each still has their own unique characteristics and identity. Thus, using a comprehensive Google search to analyze Harvard and its seven Ivy League siblings, Flyby presents the definitive list of Ivy League schools as email send offs.

Flyby Everywhere: First-Year International Program

For the next installment of our international column Flyby Everywhere, our writer sat down with First-Year International Program co-director Yousuf Bakshi to talk about FIP's awesome work building a cohesive community amongst international students during this virtual year, their plans for the year ahead, and his best FIP memories! Catch you on the FIP side ;)

Everything I Didn’t Learn From Virtual Visitas

Once upon a time, I was disappointed when I learned Visitas was turned into Virtual-tas. So here you go, pre-frosh. Here’s a short list of all the things I didn’t learn from Virtual Visitas that I wished I had.

Flyby's Texting Habits Alignment Chart

Maybe your screen time has been going wild during quarantine, maybe texting is your love language, or maybe your communication style has just turned into complete shit all around. Either way, we've got your true inner alignment based on your best (and worst) texting habits.

How I Spent My First Wellness Day

Another Wellness Day has rolled around yet again, and we're really, truly trying to enjoy it. But let's be real, nothing has hit the same as an actual Spring Break. Enjoy a walk down our writer's own not-so-well first-ever Wellness Day.

Things To Rely On When Your Senator Goes On Vacation

It is a truth universally acknowledged that politicians are not the most truthful or reliable people. Still, abandoning your constituents during a deadly winter storm to go vacay in Mexico is pretty low. If you’re like me and are looking for more stability, here’s a list of things that are always reliable, no matter the (apocalyptic) weather — Sorry, Fled… uhm, I mean, Ted Cruz.