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Fifteen Questions: Jonathan Zittrain on Social Media, AI Litigation, and CompuServe

The law professor sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss AI regulation, moderating online communities, and the Applied Social Media Lab. “I’m very interested in ways to see how people can gather with a sense of shared ownership rather than a corporate patron overseeing the conversation,” Zittrain says.

Two Harvard Students, Two Contrasting Approaches to Human Augmentation

Although the two concentrators may seem to be operating in parallel, their paths are quickly diverging. Beneath the auspices of human augmentation, Cai and Nguyen have fundamentally different approaches to technology, ones that will shape their futures — and perhaps ours, too.

Adam Mastroianni’s ‘Invitation to a Secret Society’

Mastroianni’s path through science has been a waltz through the highest echelons of the academy. Now, propelled by the popularity of his blog, he is leaving the hallowed halls to chart a different path for scientists.

Fifteen Questions: Pardis Sabeti on LS1B, Computational Genetics, and Holiday Cards

Biologist Pardis C. Sabeti sat down with Fifteen Questions to talk about the famed introductory genetics class, the quirks of her lab, and being a woman in science. “A successful life is not one that is free of setbacks. It’s defined by setbacks,” she says.

ChatGPT, Cheating, and the Future of Education

Professors are grappling with whether to ban ChatGPT or let students use it. But beyond this semester, larger questions loom. Will AI simply become another tool in every cheater’s arsenal, or will it radically change what it means to learn?