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Treeland: The High-Rises Harvard Never Built

In the 1970s, the University was primed to build an immense graduate student housing complex in the Riverside neighborhood — until grassroots resistance led it to scrap the project altogether. It was the last time Harvard tried to expand into Cambridge.

Disability Justice Advocates Raise Concerns over Mask Mandate Drop

For Shang and other immunocompromised students, campus policies have much higher stakes than just comfort. “The most frustrating part that I’ve had conversations about with people who don’t want the mask mandate has just been me being like, ‘I have this condition. I would basically die if I got Covid,’” Shang says. “And then people are like, ‘Yeah, but that’s your issue, not ours.’”

Beth Huang’s Vision of Civic Engagement

Massachusetts Voter Table is a coalition of organizations focused on civic engagement and voter participation among working- class voters and people of color. In the past decade it has been involved in many efforts to achieve these ends: Before last year’s redistricting push, a 2014 initiative gave employees of large employers up to five days of paid sick time per year. In 2018, Massachusetts established a $15 hourly minimum wage.

With Monolog, Journaling Meets Artificial Intelligence

Monolog tries to differentiate itself from other mental health apps by using natural language processing, a technology which allows devices to understand text and spoken words like humans do. According to the app’s sleek, purple website, Monolog is meant to be quicker than traditional pen-on-paper journaling and more accessible than therapy. Its tagline reads: “Understand your Emotions. Understand your Trends. Understand your Story.”

The Anger and Joy of Boston’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day March

"The people at the march span the spectrum of race, age, and gender. One speaker, Rebecca Lodgepole, a member of the Chippewa Cree, expresses gratitude for the turnout: 'Finally, today, I see everybody is listening,' she says. 'It brings joy to my heart.'"