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In/Out: November 2022 Edition

It’s officially November, folks, so say goodbye to Halloween and hello to Thanksgiving!  As the seasons change from one to another, so do we. Motivation dwindles, fashion becomes weather oriented, and our cozy beds start to look a lot more enticing during the day. I know, it’s an exhausting time, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of what’s in and out during the last stretch of this seemingly endless semester. Enjoy!

Flyby’s Guide to Conquering Your Writer’s Block

Midterm paper got you down? Me too, babe. But it’s Harvard’s world and we’re just living in it. Best get those essays in on time or else face the wrath of the Writing Gods (or a passive-aggressive email from your TF). Never fear, Flyby is here! With plenty of suggestions of varying absurdity to help you kick that writer’s block to the curb, let’s help you conquer that deadline!

Fall Drinks to (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Semester

Feeling bummed about the end of summer? We’ve got just the thing for you! Fall drinks are back in the square, and Flyby is here with all the deets on which ones you should try out next.

Flyby Guesses: A Harvard Student’s Search History

People hold their search histories close to their chest, but I think it’s a constructive exercise to try to guess someone’s searches. So here, I will try my hand at guessing yours, dear reader, so long as you’re an undergraduate at Harvard (we’re a predictable bunch).