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Elsa Dorfman, Harvard Square’s Attendant of Instants

Follow the life and legacy of photographer Elsa Dorfman, longtime Cambridge resident and former Mather House adviser. Understanding Dorfman means understanding both the brevity and the universality of the moments she captures.

Competition Sizzles at Leverett House’s Hare’s Kitchen

Tonight is round two of Hare’s Kitchen, Leverett’s new house-wide cooking competition impassioned enough to rival Chopped and wholesome enough to make “The Great British Baking Show” look cold-hearted.

Hare's Kitchen 2

Team Dreams and NightHares poses with their finished pasta alla vodka. Team members include (from left to right) Josh B. Freund, Aidan M. Addy C. Orcutt, Aidan M. Keenan, and (bottom) Rio M. McLellan.