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How Napster Opened My Eyes

Diversity. Broadening horizons. That's what college is all about, right? While many institutions of higher learning profess to offer students

Southie's Changing Face

Michael Patrick MacDonald grew up in the Old Colony housing projects of South Boston, on 8 Patterson Way. My apartment's

Rice Cooker, I Hardly Knew Ye

Harvard trusts its students with thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment, fragile laboratory tools and rare books. The administration

Just Say No to Senior Gift

Like the patches of green grass appearing from beneath the melting slush, business suit-clad seniors are popping up all over

Editorial Notebook: Flying Back to the Coop

I was determined. I was prepared. As I sat down at my laptop surrounded by syllabi, I only thought about

Finding a Space for Multiracial Students

For most Harvard students, checking a box for race on the application was a simple task. Yet in 1998, the

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Doesn't Work

Private First Class Calvin Glover snuck into Private First Class Barry Winchell's room with a baseball bat during the pre-dawn

Early Application Policy Has Affected Applications Nationwide

The policy change at Harvard, Brown and Georgetown that allows high school seniors to apply early action at more than

Harvard Apparel Maker to Name Plant Locations

Harvard's second-largest licensed apparel manufacturer has announced that it will be the first company to comply with the University's new

Fifteen Minutes: A Hop, Skip and (You're) Humped

The urge can strike at any time. Whether trudging back from section or stumbling home from a wild night, the

Gore Letters Reveal Inner Conflict About Vietnam

A recently publicized series of letters written by Vice President Al Gore '69 during the spring of 1966 express his

New GSE Chair Named for Murphy

The dean of the Graduate School of Education, (GSE) Jerome T. Murphy, was honored last night at a forum at