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Where Are the Humanities?

Last week, under a humid, steamy tent across from Radcliffe Yard, University President Lawrence H. Summers said a few words



During my FOP trip, right before my freshman year at Harvard, my FOP leader gave me my first dose of


Gremlin Trouble

If you’re like me, you’ve believed in lucky gremlins at one time or another since arriving at Harvard. These fickle


Harvard's Silent Manias

Before Spring Break, I honestly thought that I was going to die. Unlike my carefree, confident comrades who intrepidly planned


Think About the Green Rabbit

Several weeks ago during my introductory cell biology course, my professor interrupted the usual drone about the fascinating world of


Remembrance of the Present

This week seniors have begun to celebrate the infamous “last 100 days” of their Harvard careers. For the rest of


Something to Talk About

Running on Valentine’s Day is a columnist’s worst nightmare. Undoubtedly, the majority of my readers have temporarily morphed into bitter,

Dissent: One Admissions Process, Early

There is no question that the current two-tiered approach to college admissions benefits schools. They are able to guarantee that


Paying Off the Hook

I’ve come to dread checking my mail. No, I have no irrational fears about contracting anthrax. Rather, I have come


A Proposal To End Inflation

Last week the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) interrupted the tranquility of fair Harvard when it released a carefully constructed report


The Crisis That Wasn't

Last Sunday night as I sat in my room typing the next installment of my column, thinking of how dull


Reinventing Ourselves

One brisk morning several weeks ago, I trekked up Garden Street to the Registrar’s Office in order to glimpse the


A Cauldron of Empty Metaphors

Last Friday, under a perfect Cantabridgian sky (magically arranged, of course), academically distinguished men and women garbed in hooded, harlequin


Space to Slow Down

This summer, Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 sent each of us a letter entitled “Slow down: Getting

POSTCARD FROM NEW YORK: Finding Responsibility

NEW YORK—I am spending the summer trying to figure out how fruit flies smell. That’s right: I am studying how