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Hollow Man: An Interview with Casper Van Dien

FILM Sporting a snappy suit and a flat top, Casper Van Dien looked more like the energetic captain of his

Fifteen Minutes: Shopping with Prof. Schor

Two steps into Harvard Square's Abercrombie & Fitch, Senior Lecturer on Women's Studies Juliet B. Schor scatters ultra-attractive salespeople, jolts

Fifteen Minutes: Putnam Uncut and In the Lane

Can you describe your personal bowling style? There's actually a great deal of body English if you watch. I try

Fifteen Minutes: The Fifteen Hottest Harvard Profs

Lino Pertile Romance Languages (Prof) Lit. and Arts A-26, "Dante's Divine Comedy and Its World" "With a rich Italian accent,

Fifteen Minutes: Professor Fun Facts

FM sent Harvard Professors an email listing personal questions. Covering a wide range of fields, these are the Professors who

Fifteen Minutes: Jamming with Prof. Vaux

ASSOCIATE Professor Bert Vaux, best known on campus as professor of Linguistics 80, "Dialects of English," teaches teaches phonology and

Fifteen Minutes: In the Kitchen with Prof. Mansfield

Slicing a red pepper into thin, elegant pieces, Harvey C. Mansfield '49 sips a glass of red wine a la

Fifteen Minutes: Bowling with Prof. Putnam

BOWLING WITH PUTNAM The waxed wooden floor of lane 49 shines, dividing the darkness of the otherwise empty alley. Sitting

Fifteen Minutes: Surfing the Web with Prof. Zittrain

Not one but two enormous computer monitors buzz from the desk of Professor Jonathan Zittrain, executive director for the Berkman