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Harvard Snapshots

With summer fast approaching, I sat down at my computer and attempted to type this column. But nothing happened--nothing good


To Work or Not To Work

It's not every day that your professor laughs at you. To prove a point about gender inequality, my professor asked


Confessions of a Senior Floater

The craziness of rooming is upon us. Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not you'll snag that window seat


Creating Family Care

I hear about "old people" folks and "kid" folks, those who gravitate to the elderly, and those (who, like me)


(Not) Marking Time

This story begins with a skunk, a watch and a column (not mine). Just before midnight earlier this week, I

The Power of Practical Idealism

I had one of those moments last Wednesday night. Somehow the stars aligned, and I closed my eyes and saw


Thoughts On an Early Retirement

With the whirl of shopping Cores and eager student groups out to recruit volunteers, it seems as though there are