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The Death of the Fourth Amendment

In the wake of the Diallo and Louima rulings and the Dorismond shooting, New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani needs to

Peace Games

M uch ink has been spilled in the past few weeks about the University's decision to disregard student community service

Will budget cuts lead to the death of AMERICORPSe?

A Congressional vote to eliminate all $435 million for President Clinton's National Service Program, Americorps, has sparked a debate among

Bill Proposes to Tax Harvard

Harvard and MIT could be hit hard by a bill proposed to the state legislature which would tax currently tax-exempt

Spring Concerts Challenged

Criticizing the fact that spring concerts in the past five years have lost the Undergraduate Council significant amounts of money,

Shelter Location Disputed

Cambridge residents expressed their anger last night at the fact that four of the six proposed locations of a shelter

Astronomers, Students Watch Eclipse of Moon

Harvard students congregated outside last night by the light of the silvery moon--well, not quite. There wasn't much light, or

City Council Blasts Arts Council, New Exhibit

City councillors blasted the Cambridge Arts Council at their meeting Monday evening, saying the agency does not serve the needs

Smokers Vent Anger Over Question One

Smokers and storekeepers yesterday expressed a mixture of anger and disappointment at the passage of Question One, a statewide referendum

New Men's Mag on the Way

Edge, a flashy new men's magazine produced by a core of Harvard students with backing from Time/Warner, Inc., is slotted

Heroes Prof. Surprised By 50th Birthday Party

The ever-popular Gregory Nagy, Jones professor of classical Greek literature, received a 50th birthday celebration fit for a hero yesterday

Theorist Questions Gender Emphasis

Kate Bornstein added the fictional voices of six transsexuals to her own voice as a transsexual lesbian last night in

Suspect in Carjacking Turns Self in to Police

A Jamaica Plain resident who allegedly assaulted a Cambridge police officer and a private security guard Monday before he drove

Now Healthy, W. Spikers Pray for Wins

For a while, the Harvard women's volleyball team could have kept a small hospital busy. Injuries, including one suffered by

Law Students Stage Trial of Columbus

In a mock trial sponsored by the Black Law Students Association yesterday, Christopher Columbus faced charges of "exploitation, racism, genocide,