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Look Within Groups

While the general tenor of the staff editorial is sound, it overlooks a subtle but important point in its analysis

Vote Redmond or Verma

Kamil E. Redmond '00 can take attendance and flip burgers with the best of them. But Redmond has shown a

The Tasty Closes, But May Move

It was a cramped night of grease, nostalgia and souvenir photography at the Tasty at 2 JFK Street. Stools were

From Wine Makers to Lawyers: `70 Employment Stats

There aren't too many Venezuelan beekeeper/subsistence farmers in the Class of 1970. There aren't too many nudist framers who homeschooled

HUPD Teaches Defense Course

"Ready! Strike!" "No! No!" The women's voices cry out in rhythm as they strike out at imaginary attackers. Maureen Morrison

Full Speed Toward Randomization

Randomization, on a block rather than an individual level, will allow students to continue living with close friends while encountering

New Arts Program to Debut in Fall

FOP.FUP.FAP? The First-year Arts Program (FAP) has joined the tongue twister of first-year orientation programs which greet over a quarter

Protests May Defeat Sheraton's Parking Lot

Neighbors' protests may succeed in defeating the Sheraton Commander's proposal to demolish three 19th-century residential buildings in order to open

SERVING Diversity

Last fall Thomas Professor of Government Martin L. Kilson wrote an open letter to his classes criticizing the Black Students