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Longing For L.P.'s

I N the last few years I've spent most--really, I should say all--of my meager earnings on listening to rock

A Remedy for the Harvard Sickness

A BOUT this time of year, I'd really like to slam my door shut, hang out my "Do Not Disturb"

Nose Rings and Narcissism

T HIS article is going to be about affectations. But first, I'd like to take time out to talk about

Where's Rock's Sincerity?

M AYBE it's me, but I am so sick of sincerity in rock 'n roll. I'm not talking about the

Liquor, Cocaine, Pot, Ecstasy and Sexism

I cannot deny that I have spent a fair amount of my time at Harvard at final clubs. I have

Coke Adds Life

Bright Lights, Big City Written by Jay McInerney Directed by James Bridges At the USA Paris L ESS Than Zero

The Bennington-Knopf Connection

O NCE UPON A time, Bennington College was known as the most expensive school in the country, the rural refuge

Married in the U.S.A.

B Y NOW, no doubt, all of the five million or so people who wanted to buy Bruce Springsteen's new

Date Misbehavin'

A FTER SEEING Blind Date, I finally understood that Bruce Willis' irresistable charm comes from his cosmic ordinariness: he seems

Searching for Norma Jeane

Marilyn: Norma Jeane text by Gloria Steinam photos by George Barris Henry Holt Co.; pp.182; $24.95. W HEN BRITISH WRITER

A Walk on the Wilder Side

The Skin of Our Teeth Directed by Jonathan Tolins At the Loeb Mainstage Through Sunday "E AT YOUR ice cream

A Haunting Rose

The Name of the Rose Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud At Harvard Square Theatre R EMEMBER PIA ZADORA in the film

Richard Pryor, Your Story is Calling

Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling Written by Richard Pryor, Rocco Urbisci and Paul Mooney Directed by Richard Pryor

Medieval Madness

Gargantua Adapted from the book by Francois Rabelais Directed by Andrew Watson At various house courtyards Through May 7 N

Cruising Back to Adolescence

Smooth Talk Directed by Joyce Chopra At the USA Copley Place A FRIEND DESCRIBED Smooth Talk as the story of