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Fire Dept. to Act Against Overflowing Lecture Halls

Students who sit in the aisles of overcrowded lecture halls during classes violate the state building code and create a

Charge Against 'Deep Throat' Limits Freedom, Reems Says

Harry Reems, actor in three well-known pornographic films, said last night he was prosecuted and convicted for his participation in

Seniors Grab Hotel Rooms For Next June

Hotel room vacancies in Cambridge during Commencement Week next June are already very limited, and one hotel is booked solid

Phone System

A new telephone system for ten Harvard medical area institutions that allows direct dialing from outside phones to extensions within

Gilmore Situation Puzzles Harvard Law Professors

The case of Gary Mark Gilmore, who has requested execution to avoid a life sentence in prison, poses a new

Lettuce Boycott

The United Farm Workers' (UFW) six year boycott on non-UFW lettuce will probably end within the next two weeks and

College Crime

Crime at Harvard decreased significantly from last year during the 14 weeks between July 1 and October 9, the latest

Critic Blasts TV Executives' Programming

"The people who run the television networks have a responsibility to society--to make an effort to bring the best of

New Law Limits Numbers Of Foreign Medical Students

The number of foreign medical school graduates and doctors permitted to settle and practice in the United States will be