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Fans? Sports Don't Care

Hockey is back! Life can resume as normal in Canada. It is a great day in sports. Sure, the fans

Empty Fingers

As Pete Stoyanovich's kick sailed wide right on Sunday afternoon in San Diego, Miami's hopes and dreams of a Superbowl

Random Sports Thoughts

Just some random thoughts for a random Friday in the midst of the most random of sport seasons. * Now

W. Golf Looking to Improve in Second Full Season

The Crimson woman's golf team is the baby of the Harvard athletic department. A year-and-a-half ago, thanks to the efforts

Boy, Do I Really, Really, Love N.Y.

The Yankees are in first place, the Rangers are the best team in hockey and the Knicks are about to

Sailing Gets Mixed Results

For the Harvard co-ed sailing team, a national championship berth was on the line at the New England Championships this

"Virtual Heart Failure"

A failing heart claimed yet another sports hero in his prime. Evander Holyfield, the former heavyweight champion of the world,

Co-Ed, Women's Sailing Teams Keep on Rolling

Harvard's best kept secret keeps rolling along. Few people may know, but the Harvard sailing teams are putting together great

Spring Cleaning

Time for a little spring cleaning. Time to empty out the sports mind. .Rewind the tapes to Opening Day at

The New Ice Bitch Cometh?

It's Skategate Part II. Unbelievable. It's as if McGovern came back to run for office and bugged the Republican convention.

Winter Games

Have you ever really thought about the absurdity of some of the events in the Winter Olympics? Take for example

Two Confessions

Dear Crimson Readers: A few weeks ago my colleagues wrote personal columns about their favorite sports. I was proud of

Ten Great Moments from '93

The new year is here. It's time to take one last look at 1993. Immediate thoughts come to mind. Tragic

NBA Problems

What is wrong with professional basketball? Everyone seems to have an explanation. From the Pope in Rome to Mother Teresa

Game Day Reflections

I ran down to the edge of the field, ready to join the masses. It was the 25th anniversary of