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A Soviet Enrolls at Harvard

About a year ago, a Harvard postgraduate student met a 17-year-old mathematician in the Soviet Union who wanted to continue

Master's Funds Pay for Maid In Kiely Home

A "very large part" of the master's discretionary fund at Adams House--the same fund used to finance student concerts, plays

Rosovsky Asks Radcliffe to Put College Programs Under FAS

Dean Rosovsky this week issued an annual report calling for Radcliffe to reorganize its remaining undergraduate programs and administrators under

Escaping the Prison House of Liberalism

T HE PROJECT was ambitious for any young scholar: to write a first book that would be the definitive critique

Split the Library

O N MAY 20 The Crimson called the announcement that the Kennedy Library Corporation would probably build the JFK arhcives

Doris Kearns Says Reports Of Settlement Are Premature

Doris Kearns, associate professor of Government, yesterday denied published reports that the suit surrounding the publication of her book about

The Liberal Onslaught Fizzles

This year's returns even managed to flout the academics' definition of an election as a mechanism for institutionalized conflict and

Parties in Cambridge

T HERE WAS A PARTY at 27 Francis Ave. last Tuesday night--several hundred fairly young and wealthy Cambridge residents were

Ford Speaks

President Ford will visit Boston tomorrow to give a speech on national security to the New England Council and attend