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Riding the Trolley Car Of Proportional Voting

Students who have broken with a long Harvard tradition this fall by getting interested in upcoming municipal elections in Cambridge

Birth of a Nation and Racism

One Saturday night back in October about 50 students--mostly black, all angry--prevented a House film society from showing its scheduled

Harvard Plans Winter Opening For Nathan M. Pusey Library

The Nathan M. Pusey Library--tucked between Widener and Lamont libraries and recently landscaped for today's ceremonies--is expected to open on

Dick Gregory Agrees to Talk On Class Day

Author and social satirist Dick Gregory has agreed to be this year's 1975 Class Day speaker on Wednesday afternoon. The

Sanford Urges Liberal Reform In Economic, Foreign Policy

Terry Sanford, president of Duke University and an all-but-declared candidate for the U.S. presidency, came to Harvard last night to

The Peoples Bicentennial Commission

If you call the Boston office of the People's Bicentennial Commission, you'll most likely hear one of those earnest, accent-free

Swimmers Travel to Ohio for NCAAs

Just think: If you'd tried out for the Harvard swim team a couple of months ago, stuck it out through

Harris Seeks Help For '76 Candidacy As 'New Populist'

Fred R. Harris former Democratic senator from Oklahoma, brought his campaign for the presidency to the Harvard Law School Forum

UFW, Supporters Will Protest Gallo's Recruiting at B-School

The United Farm Workers and their supporters at Harvard announced last night they plan to confront Ernest Gallo of the