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Send a Letter, Not a Check

I’m pretty sure that, all its defensive sputtering aside, Harvard will eventually divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies.

What Happened to Changing the World?

I can remember the night I decided to come to Harvard. My other choice was Carleton College, off in the

Him and His Calvinism

In the Beginning "I remember walking in my backyard when I was three and thinking about God. Looking at the

Four More Years

J OURNALISTS wishing to advance their own views on a topic must usually follow certain forms; I wish to discuss

A Mixed Blessing

Last winter, as the final tenants moved out of a Harvard-owned building at 7 Sumner Rd., one said "it's no

Homage to Pilgrimage

You may multiply your prayers, I shall not listen Your hands are covered with blood wash, make your selves clean

The Most Dangerous Wave

"Can we understand why the Negroes of Watts rebelled 'Then shy do we need a devil theory to explain the

Reminder, Not Revelation

"I do know that North Vietnam, while definitely no Shangri La, is a truly remarkable country, that the North Vietnam

The Uses of Passion

C OLUMBIA UNIVERSITY officials, in the spring of 1969, sponsored a campus-wide "convocation" on the topic of Vietnam. As Alan

Roosevelt and The Crimson

We take great pleasure in announcing the election of Arthur Francis Nazro of Jamaica Plain, and Edward Bowditch, Jr., of

University Declines To Take Sculpture On Gay Liberation

After waiting several months for Harvard to accept the gift, a philanthropic organization last week withdrew its offer of a

Councilor Duehay To Be IOP Fellow

Francis H. Duehay '55, whose term as mayor of Cambridge ended at the beginning of the month, will have a

3 Journalists To Sue FBI On Confiscation

Three American journalists will hold a press conference at Harvard's Nieman Foundation headquarters this morning to announce a suit against

Who Will Be the City's Next Mayor?

After the inauguration yesterday, amid a throng of onlookers, they took one ballot, and no one got a majority. Then

Noisy Era Ends at The Crimson

The whirring, clicking roar that has marked the composing room of The Crimson for most of its history ceased last