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Comfort and Joy

"We have got to stop spending if we are going to keep further dilution of the dollar from taking place.

The Moon Is Blue

The Loonie Tunes cartoon has just ended ("That's all Folks!"), and the feature film is just starting. You sit back

A Connecticut Yankee

"Americans are all horribly afraid; they've seen what the bomb can do and they've read the stories. They're scared. But

A Drinking Man

Scene: A bar, disgustingly grubby, ill-lit, reeking of soggy cigar butts, garlic, and rancid butter. Set apart from the armpit

'Honors for All' Program To Take Effect This Fall

Beginning with the Class of '61, every student entering Harvard College will be considered a candidate for Honors. Details of

A Man Is an Island

Vag had thought that he was alone, but when he looked up he noticed that a girl had drawn near

Out of Cambridge, Much Ado

With the coming of summer, the guitar-playing Harvard hillbilly disappears into the foothills west of Worcester and leaves the community

The Start of Harvard Education

"When any Schollar is able to Read Tully or such like classical Latin Authours ex tempore, and make and speake

Depression, House System Mark '33's Harvard Years

September, 1929: The country was riding high on a tidal wave which was soon to break hard and sweep away

Moslem Group to Construct Mosque in Radcliffe Vicinity

A site for the Harvard Islamic Society's mosque has been selected in "the vicinity of Garden Street," Bakhtiyar Ali Khan

Confetti Battles in Harvard Stadium

Pomposity, of course, has its place, but at Harvard an eccentric quirk, a naughty presumption to familiarity, even perhaps the

Of Thee I Sing

For the past three years, perhaps even longer, the Winthrop House Music Society has played the dramatic field at Harvard


For those who may be worried about the decline in the quality of Russian movies, here is great news. Ludmilla

Bladesmen Meet Eli Squad Today

Crimson fencers will meet Yale today for their last Ivy League match of the season. With both teams having a

Fencers Face Princeton in First Ivy Meet; Enter as Underdogs to Experienced Tigers

Varsity fencers will be looking for their first Ivy League victory when they meet Princeton this Saturday at 2 p.m.