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The Unions' Controlling Interest

L OVING YOUR ENEMY is no problem--but financing him is something else entirely. This is the revelation dawning on the

The Anderson Deference

M ULTIPLYING on campuses from Cambridge to Madison, the big red-and-white buttons glint like badges of honor. They attest to

Bondage and Discipline

S PEAKING with the tepid fervor of a Calvinist who has repressed even the heat of his Puritanism, President Carter

Welcome to Sunni Afghanistan

A FGHANISTAN: SHAPELY COUNTRY toppling at the crossroads of antiquity and yesterday. From the mountains of Nuristan to the mountains

Setting an Agenda for the '80s

The International Inn, Washington, D.C.--tall, modern, plush carpeting, tasteful furniture, color TV, heat-sensitive elevator buttons, expensive coffee shops and a

Commoner Cause

A GROUP OF leading liberals, fearing that Kennedy may abandon the faith, have banded together to advance their own candidate--probably

All-American Oil

T HE OIL CRISIS is a crock. The public has caught on to this truth, and many experts agree. The

Bare Knuckles in Cleveland

C LEVELAND LEADS THE NATION? An unlikely claim in the best of times. Today it may be harder to point

Radiating Revolt

K ILL FOUR, FIVE or maybe even ten people and you're liable to wind up in a peck of trouble.