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This One's on the House

Anyone who has missed a play because he was watching football cheerleaders will agree it's always important to look at

Kung Fu and the Art of Not Flinching

Last semester, varsity squash player Chris Gabrieli was struck by the strength and flexibility of the Harvard Kung Fu Club

Friars Win NCAA Qualifier; Harvard Harriers Take Ninth

Boosted by the Irish spring in the legs of import runners Ray Treacy and Brendan Quinn, Providence College captured first

Princeton Captures Heps; Harvard Finishes Eighth

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson We were much too consistent. It was

Harvard Harriers Head to Heptagonals

Harvard's number one cross-country runner Buck Logan doesn't want to say how he expects to do today at the Heptagonal

When the Going Gets Impossible...

When Harvard cross-country captain John Murphy took his place at the starting line at the Big Three meet in New

Princeton, Yale, Run Past Harriers

It had the makings of a great made-for-t.v. film. Forced to sit out the season because of an operation on

Big Green Harriers Destroy Harvard; Switchenko Treads on Crimson Toes

The day after the Harvard cross country team stooped to Dartmouth, 22-33, Friday in Hanover, Crimson coach Bill McCurdy went

Harvard Harriers Burn Big Red, 25-30

Led by Buck Logan and Adam Dixon the Crimson Harriers gorged Cornell, 25-30, Saturday at Franklin Park. Both Logan and