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How to Improve Loker Commons

Last year I wrote an article expressing negative thoughts concerning the construction of Loker Commons. I said that it would

Those Annoying, Useless Safety Tips

This week, the Dean of Students' Office keenly observed in a flyer that "Students should be aware that there have

The New On-Line Media

The Internet has most certainly become a crucial aspect of our culture in the 1990s. Email is, according to many,

An Added Pressure

I walk into class early hoping that I get the chance to speak with the professor. Too late. A student

La O Fostered Division

Harvard-Radcliffe's liberal monthly newspaper Perspective featured an article by Marina C. Santini entitled "Learning from the Past: Activism and Latino

Bakal For U.C. President

The Undergraduate Council really irritates me. If I see, hear or smell Rudd Coffey in my dining hall one more

Fix Race Relations

My computer needs a user manual. While I am at it, I could use a handbook or two explaining how

Snazzy Teas and Bow Ties

This weekend there will be yet another set of people roaming curiously through the great Harvard Yard. They won't be

Give Students Better Advising

I slowly walked into my senior tutor's office, knowing that this would be a hard thing to do. I had