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The Edge of the Cliffe:

THE SETTING was Cambridge, Mass., the year 1970. With student protest calming down after the violent '69 takeover of University

350th Gala Criticized For Unjust Selectivity

The upcoming student celebration of Harvard's 350th anniversary promises a lunch with a renowned historian, a formal dinner with a

Post Office Issues Stamp To Commemorate 350th

It seems the Postal Service is stuck on Harvard, and starting today, Harvard will be stuck on U.S. mail. After

Cry for Me, Argentina

I t was a particularly chilly Thursday in late June, the beginning of the Argentine winter. A group of 60-

Taking a Stand Against Sexism

T HE CRIMSON'S DECISION not to run Playboy's advertisement recruiting Harvard women for its October "Women of the Ivy League"

Former Celtic Chairman Not Returning to Harvard

The University has failed in its attempt to bring back the former Celtic Department chairman who last spring unexpectedly returned

Reaction Mixed

Reaction was mixed in recent days to Dean of the Faculty A. Michael Spence's report on the Nadav Safran's handling

Safran To Leave Top Center Post After Inquiry Into CIA Funding

Nadav Safran, director of Harvard's Center for Middle Eastern Studies, will resign his post at the end of the academic

Fine Arts Will Expand Surveys

In an organizational move discussed for more than five years, the Fine Arts Department has decided to triple the number

Linguistics Dept. Seeks Cash to Hire Professors

The Linguistics Department, which could lose one-third of its senior faculty if a professor accepts an offer in Vienna, has

Gov Dept. to Field Reform Proposals

A Government Department student-faculty committee, whose initial meetings last spring resulted in a new advising system for sophomore concentrators, will

CRR Members Suggest Reforms for Committee

Members of the controversial Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR) yesterday suggested a host of sweeping changes in CRR legislation,

Spence's Snitches

W HEN A. MICHAEL SPENCE, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, commissioned a study this summer of honor

The CRR: What It Is, How It Works

At the height of student Vietnam War protests, Harvard in 1969 created the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR) to

Coming Out of the Fogg

One senior professor recently described Harvard's Fine Arts Department as "smaller than the sum of its parts." On the one