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Law Group Fights Justice Dept. Move

The Harvard Jewish Law Students Association (HJLSA) sent a telegram last Thursday to President Carter, Attorney General Benjamin R. Civiletti,

Shoppers Hunting for Smaller Presents

If retail sales in Cambridge are any indication, Santa Claus will not give out so many Florida vacations and three-piece

Magazine Tells the Unblessed To Fake Harvard Credentials

To fill a "crippling need" among Boston area students, 95 percent of whom attend "unacceptable" schools, Boston Magazine has published

Anderson Urges Investment Incentives

The United States needs a revolutionary change in tax policy if it is to continue to prosper economically, presidential candidate

GOP Candidates Campaign in Boston

You would never have guessed that election time is still more than a year away, since Republican presidential hopefuls Sen.

City Sues Under Pinball Law

The City of Cambridge is trying to dim the flashing lights at the Game Time pinball emporium at Porter Square.