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Varsity Five Expects A Successful Season

The nation's most popular sport experienced a renaissance at Harvard last year, and appears likely to maintain or even add

Poland: Paradox of the Russian Orbit

Poland today finds itself in the midst of a strange, modern paradox, according to Zbigniew Brzezinski, assistant professor of Government,

Basketball Team Regains Prominence With First Winning Season in Decade

An almost forgotten sport achieved its proper place on the Harvard scene this winter. After a decade's hibernation, the varsity

Basketball Team to Oppose Yale In Contest Tonight at Blockhouse

The best Crimson basketball team in a decade will be out to end its season successfully tonight by upsetting League

Dartmouth Five Favored Tonight Over Crimson in Crucial Contest

An excellent Dartmouth basketball team, which is the defending Ivy League champion and has amassed a 17-6 record this season,

Varsity to Oppose Favored Yale Five In Contest Tonight

A Yale quintet, stronger in every essential than the Crimson, will be highly favored tonight to ruin Harvard's six game

Crimson Varsity Quintet Plays Princeton Today

Tonight, a Crimson basketball team will be launching a drive towards the first division in the Ivy League for the

Favored Crimson Quintet Plays at Williams Tonight

Varsity basketball coach Floyd Wilson is a very happy man today. After a discouragaing two and a half years as

Greater Height Gives Princeton Edge Over Crimson Five Tonight

The varsity basketball team will have its new starting alignment tested for the first time tonight when it faces the