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A Ford, Not an Edsel

N OT TOO LONG AGO, it seems, the American people and press were eager to expose the power-hungry venality of

Student Groups Seek Donations For Kenneth Edelin's Defense

Several-student groups last night began soliciting funds in the Houses to defray the legal expenses incurred by Dr. Kenneth C.

Japanese Give Heated Reply To Law Professor's Allegation

Jerome A. Cohen, professor of Law, has drawn heated response from Japanese governmental officials since he called last month for

Hot and Heavy Hoosiers

P EOPLE ON both sides of the party line are focusing attention this fall on a hot and heavy Senatorial

Afro Is Notably Absent

President Bok's appointment this week of the Board of Advisors to the W.E.B. BuBois Institute may cap a long-standing controversy

B-School Cites Recruiting Bias In N.Y. Firm

A dean of the Business School and representatives from a prominent management consulting firm will meet tomorrow to discuss the

Ellsberg Says Secrecy Annuls Concept of Popular Sovereignty

Daniel Ellsberg '52 said last night at a Law School Forum that there is "no adequate set of alternatives to

Tufts Discusses Alleged Sexism With the EEOC

Tufts University officials agreed last Friday to enter conciliation discussions with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to determine how Tufts

Post Reporter Woodward Hails Press, Says Watergate Reveals U.S. Naivete

Bob Woodward, reporter for The Washington Post and co-author of a series of articles which uncovered the Watergate break-in, said

Can't Get More? Work Less

This doesn't seem to be the year for graduate students. Faculty budget cut-backs promise a reduction in teaching fellows in

A Decade Later: Friedan Looks Ahead

R EADERS WILL GET a nostalgic look at the women's movement this month when W.W. Norton issues a tenth anniversary

Cliffe Swimmers Ride Winning Tide; Sato Set for Meet

Last Thursday was a stand-out day for Radcliffe swimmers and divers as they ended their season with successful performances in

Security Committee Considers A United Protection Department

The Security Search Committee, appointed to name a successor to retiring Harvard Chief of Police Robert Tonis, may recommend a

Cliffe Swimmers Grab Eighth In N.E. Intercollegiate Contest

A previously undefeated Radcliffe swim team came away with an eighth place finish last weekend at the New England Intercollegiate

Massachusetts Chapter Gives Non-Parents of Year Award

The Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Non-Parenthood (NON) sought equal time with its child-rearing counterparts yesterday when it