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Black Polemics

W HENEVER I see black students and intellectuals cutting each other to shreds in the fishbowl of the news media--all

Julian Bond

S TRIDING ACROSS the auditorium stage at Babson Institute several weeks ago, Julian Bond appeared almost embarrassed by the standing

Blacks Meet Bok, Charge Hiring Bias By Dorm Builder

Eleven black Harvard Law students confronted Law School Dean-designate Derek Bok in his office yesterday morning charging that black laborers

Lesson of Orangeburg

T HE incident sounded reminiscent of Civil Rights' days of the early 1960's: a group of black college students from

The Black Student At Harvard

The Harvard-Radcliffe Association of African and Afro-American Students unanimously endorsed last weekend a program which will involve black students in


At a Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee gathering in May, 1966, newly elected chairman Stokely Carmichael announced: A fundamental change has