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Kahlua Boston Music Awards

Y ou're allowed to admit it: awards shows are fun to watch. The glittering celebrities, the throng of screaming devotees

Wake Up and `Go-Go'

Not too many original movies seem to be coming out of Hollywood these days for the kiddies and young adult

Back to School

Drew Barrymore is cute. She is especially cute in Never Been Kissed, her new vehicle in which she stars and

Wake Up and 'Go-Go'

Not too many original movies seem to be coming out of Hollywood these days for the kiddie and young adult

Morissette, Manson Match Music in Decibel Death Duel

ALANIS MORISETTE & GARBAGE At the Fleet Center Monday, February 22 In the Celebrity Deathmatch face-off between Alanis Morissette and


STUDENT SHOW At the Advocate February 12 Featuring The Mode Mode,JenR8R and Putney Swope I t's a shame to realize

Lennon: The Next Generation Stinks on Stage

SEAN LENNON Musician Lennon. The surname carries a lot of weight, especially if you're the son of the famed John

Street-Rock to Punk-Reggae: Rancid Grows Up

About three years ago, amid the hype over the nouveau punk radio revolution, Rancid blasted onto the mainstream modern rock

Fun in Pforzheimer

BATTLE OF THE BANDS Pforzheimer House Saturday, April 11 The last time a Harvard organization hosted a Battle of the

Sonic Smorgasbord for the Self-Absorbed

Three songs into an excruciatingly dense set of precisely performed ear-wrenching rumbles, lead singer and guitarist Justin Trosper introduced his

An Important Investment

W hen I tell relatives and friends that teaching high school biology is one of my career aspirations after my

Moby Sees Diversity in Techno, Tolerance for All

The Crimson: How do you feel that if someone was walking down the street and mentioned your name [in conversation],

At Home in Beantown

Bassist Joe Gittleman insists that the Mighty Mighty Bosstones is not a rock-ska hybrid exclusively designed for or accepted by

I Know What You Did Last Summer

If Scream should be revered for its witty originality in restarting the horror genre, I Know What You Did Last

Pop Punk Veterans Just Coasting with New Album

After more than a decade of transforming the humor of adolescent ennui and discontent into a panacea for pubescent rejects