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A Boy Wonder Finds a Home

Because Paul Horowitz has always loved gadgets, and because he had always wondered how much arsenic was on the skin

Odyssey of a Homesick Healer

At 58, Dr. John Karefa-Smart wonders where he will be a year from now. The tall, trim visiting professor of

Historical Graffiti: Leif Erickson Was Here?

A S THE TWILIGHT faded one day last spring, a football prospect from Philadelphia was inspecting the green expanses of

Mali Mercy Mission Returns; Political Unrest Shortens Trip

Stymied more by the political turmoil of Mali than the disastrous four-year drought that continues relentlessly in North Africa, the

Lowell Dumps The CRR

By a margin of more than three to one, Lowell House residents last week decisively rejected Dean Whitlock's latest attempt

Harvard Student Will Soon Join MIT Mercy Mission to Mali

A six-man expedition, including Hardy Wiedemann '75, will leave in early January for the African country of Mali to introduce

China and Foreign Devils

C HINA IS A piece of meat," Sun Yat-sen once said. "And the whole world wants to take a bit

Everyone's Hits...But Their Own

We're another rock and roll band, Singing and playing and doing our thing for the crowd. If you like us,

Segal Redux

M ERCIFULLY, no one dies in the television version of the movie version of Erich Segal's classic. At least, no

Curtain Call

T HE HORDES THAT fill the sticky, smok Astor theater to see Jimi Plays Berkeley are rock concert crowds. They

Athletic Complex Plans Are Delayed; No Construction Scheduled Until 1980

Members of the incoming freshman class will not get a chance to use the long-awaited athletic complex that has been

Joyce Maynard in Retreat

J OYCE MAYNARD and I were born within four weeks of each other in the winter of 1953, which makes

The Red Badge

W HEN A MAN returns from a war, he is placed on a pedestal and bombarded with a deadly barrage

Suspended Animation and Other Delights

D EATH USED TO BE the great equalizer. It was as inevitable as taxes, and awesome in its finality. Preparation

The Machine: Rolling Jobs Into Votes

M ERVYN HARRIS is a machine politician. In many ways he is not unlike the men who maintain Democratic machines