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Back to the U.S.S.R.

S OMETIMES, IN THE world of Soviet-American propaganda wars, one side scores a triumph which goes beyond the usual superficiality

Growing Up Gay

The Lost Language of Cranes By David Leavitt Alfred A. Knopf; 319 pages; $17.95 P HILIP BENJAMIN, in bed with

A Touch of Chrome

O ne of my best friends in high school started to lose his hair during our sophomore year. My other

Guide Seeks to Bolster Town-Gown Bond

In an effort to combat its image as an unapproachable institution. Harvard has announced that it will soon publish a

State's Poorest District Votes Today

Voters in the poorest state representative district will go to the polls today in a special primary election, choosing from

They Call Themselves Harvard

When Melvin A. Ross founded his folding-box company in Lynn, Mass nearly 30 years ago, he had big plans. "We

OCS-OCL Expects More Job Hunters

More seniors than ever before will be taking advantage of Harvard's on-campus job recruiting program his year, continuing an upward

Band Trumpets Its 65th Anniversary

The Harvard Band is geared up for a full-scale celebration of its 65th anniversary this weekend, an event that will

Ostrich, Llama Will Debut In TV Show for Children

C. Richard Taylor, Agassiz Professor of Zoology, spends much of his time studying exotic animals like kangaroos, wallabies and setifers.