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Mathias Proposes Repeal Of 'Cold War' Resolutions

Sen. Charles M. Mathias (R-Md.), said last night that the United States must move its foreign policy into "the world

Pfizer Drug Co. Refuses To Talk to Chem Students About Corporate Policies

Charles Pfizer and Company, a drug firm, will not recruit at the Harvard Chemistry Department this year because it is

Thanksgiving Lexington and Concord

IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL we learned about the "shot heard round the world." In junior high we learned that one-third of

Javits Says Social Progress Tied To 'Middle Class' Satisfaction

Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R-N.Y.) Monday added his plan to the growing list of suggestions for satisfying the new-found "Middle

Fisher to Edit T. V. Show On Public Policy Affairs

Roger D. Fisher 42, professor of Law, will be the executive editor of a new, nationally broadcast television show on