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Summer Thesis Research: It's Not Just a CFIA Grant, It's an Adventure

For some students, thesis research does not mean months spent in the dusty stacks of Widener or in Pusey's antiquated

For They Are Jolly Good Fellows

Nearly 20 professionals in international relations are invited to spend a year at the Center for International Affairs (CFIA), conducting

Sanders Will Take Helm At The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette, the University's official news publication, has appointed a recent Graduate School of Education alumnus as its new

Cruzing the Streets of Boston

W aiting at Currier House to meet Remigio Cruz '86, one cannot help but wonder what to expect. There are

Harvard-Radcliffe Sailors Enjoy Successful Fall

"At times, college sailing is more like zen than like a sport."--Harvard sophomore skipper Peter Wagner. If sailing is like

Honors Seniors Start to Summa-Up College

While the concept of thesis writing makes lots of seniors cringe, Deborah C. Cohen's thesis makes her laugh. She's doing

MGH Doctors Find New Cancer Therapy

Harvard doctors have developed a drug therapy that is both more effective and less harmful in the treatment of head

Scholar Condemns Church For Abortion Intervention

"Is it legitimate to translate Catholic moral teachings about the immorality of abortion into law and public policy?" a visiting

Sailors Fall at Atlantics; Men, Women Disappoint

The Harvard-Radcliffe sailing team had a disappointing weekend at the Atlantic Coast Championships, the last sailing event before spring season.

Sign Wars Grip Neighborhoods

North, South, East, and West--Cambridge is plastered with colored square '1' campaign signs and faces plastered on walls and trees.