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Cater, Alsops Discuss Changes In Washington's Fourth Estate

For years on end two pleas have characterized the plaints of Washington reporters and the criticisms of them: freedom from


Considering the infuriating self-consciousness which is apparently indispensable to the manufacture of yearbooks, the editors of 323 have produced a

Busy Bodies

This year's Hasty Pudding show is a mass of incongruities: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, thinly disguised, hob-nob with

Corrected Draft

"We have no choice, and I hope there will be no hesitancy," Chairman Carl Vinson of the House Armed Services

New Tutorial Proposals Considered by Masters

Programs for non-Honors tutorial are still "very general and very much up in the air," Elliott Perkins '23, Master of

Schlesinger Restages New Deal With its Clash of Characters

The literature currently available to the public about Franklin D. Roosevelt and his era has already reached formidable proportions. Almost

Class Committee Deems Marshal Election Honest

A majority of the 1959 Permanent Class Committee moved last night to end the dispute over the election of Senior

'Who D'ya Like for '60?'

It's that time of year again. Not quite Christmas, past Thanksgiving, and still soon enough to speculate about presidential candidates


There is nothing like an honest-to-God reactionary in politics to revive one's basic distrust of the voter. At the same

HYRC Helps Supplant Group for Disarmament

In what the club's president called "an amusingly engineered coup," the Harvard-Radcliffe Committee to Study Disarmament was replaced last night

The Source and Sanctity

Judy Garland, an aging Hollywood prodigy, brought suit against her employers, the Columbia Broadcasting System, last fall and unwittingly touched

Georgia Minstrel

Twenty-five years ago Erskine Caldwell wrote an oversexed novel called God's Little Acre that sold more than eight million copies

Visit to a Small Mind

The intelligent bigot is no uncommon phenomenon in American politics. While we have rabble rousers, we also have educated, sometimes

United States Approves Student, Faculty Exchanges with USSR

The State Department will soon release an "agreement in principle" with the Soviet Government, under which Harvard and other American

The Texans

The most vicious anti-Eisenhower joke told during his Administration was circulating in Washington before the State of the Union message