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All hail Malcolm Forbes, Jr.! Even if the multi-millionaire has to adopt the earthy moniker "Steve" in order to emerge

David Smith's Abstract Identity

The classic complaint against abstract art is that it alienates the average viewer. An odd combination of right-wing representationalists, left-wing

The Conservatism of Frivolity

T his past weekend, organizers of the Mass-Can concert series led their annual rally for the legalization of marijuana. Accompanied

An Infested Information Age

E arlier this year, political commentators laughed off Newi Gingrich's suggestion that homeless individuals could find upward mobility by acquiring

A Justification for Ethnic Studies

A s the Fall 1996 term approaches, one of the near-perpetual cause celebres occupying student activists at Harvard looks to

Mayor: Cuts May Force Taxing of Harvard

Cambridge Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves '72 warned that Congressional budget cuts will hurt Harvard as well as low-income residents of

Making Power Permanent

A s Senators Carol Mosely Braun and Paul Wellstone courageously blocked the $16 billion recission bill scheduled to become law

Liberty in Liberals' Eyes

I n the aftermath of last November's electoral disaster, it's been fashionable for liberals, looking for some internal incoherence as