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Recycling a Bad Idea

N EW YORK TIMES reporter Judy Klemesrud, according to the most recent issue of Esquire, is sending out Christmas cards

Exit Brooke

Perhaps the biggest development of this week's election came when the Senate's only black member, Sen. Edward W. Brooke (R.-Mass.),

You Sure You Want a Governor?

Campaign headquarters for Francis W. Hatch Jr. '46--the quiet gentleman from Beverly Farms who wants to be governor of Massachusetts--are

Said the Peanut to the King

J IMMY CARTER roared through eastern Massachusetts Saturday to tell people they should vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed King

Giamatti at Yale: Professor Turns President

A. Bartlett Giamatti's life-long dream was to become president of the American League. But last December an offer came up

Waiting for Jimmy

Edward J. King, Democratic nominee for governor and Jonathan Moore, director of the Institute of Politics, have one thing in

As Long As You Asked...

This section of the pre-registration issue has been designed to answer a few of the questions you may have about

A Not-So-Rapid Transit Extension

According to Webster's dictionary, an alewife is a small North American fish, resembling a shad, or a woman who operates

'New Women' In Film

I F HOLLYWOOD is going to have any influence on the women's movement, it would seem we are in a