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Tutorial Grades Decline; Mansfield Still Unsatisfied

Despite his efforts to combat "grade inflation" in the Government Department, grades last year declined less than anticipated, Harvey C.

Organizations Caucus

Representatives from four undergraduate organizations met yesterday to try to establish a student caucus which would serve as a coordinating

NORML Forces Release Of Army Marijuana Data

Under pressure from the National Oraganization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL), the U.S. Army last week released a

Claverly Residents Demand Increased Security Measures

Claverly residents are now circulating a petition demanding additional security precautions for the Mt. Auburn St. dormitory. The drafters of

Math Professor to Stand Trial Today

A Harvard professor will stand trial today for his participation in a pro-busing demonstration held in South Boston on September

Ec Dept. to Revise Tutorials; Focus Is on 'Problem-Solving'

The Economics Department is developing a revised sophomore tutorial program for next year that will encourage students to apply economic

Six Harvard, 'Cliffe Rowers Win Events at Henley Regatta

Six Harvard oarsman and one Radcliffe oarswoman helped win U.S. victories in the eights events at the Royal Canadian Henley

Ford Rejects Bill, Opposes Increased Aid For Education

President Ford's veto last Friday of a proposed $7.9 billion aid to education bill could cause a delay of a

Police Apprehend Man After Assault In Matthews Hall

University Police arrested a 28-year-old Cambridge resident early Tuesday morning and charged him with the assault of a Harvard Summer