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Professor of Biology Meister Earns Tenure

Cabot Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Markus Meister was granted tenure by President Neil L. Rudenstine in January.

Elementary School Students Enjoy HAND One-Shot Haunted House

The tunnels of Adams House filled with mad surgeons, disembodied heads and dozens of elementary school children on Friday for

Blood From High-Risk AIDS Areas May Be Safer

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (SPH) and Tufts have shown that blood taken from groups with historically

Student Journal Begins Its Fourth Year

The Journal of Undergraduate Sciences (JUS) enters its fourth year as Harvard's voice for students pursuing individual research. JUS was

Meselson Fights Biological Warfare, Studies Reproduction

Thomas Dudley Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Matthew S. Meselson has devoted his career to studying questions in molecular

Seniors Take Thesis Research to the Lab

While some seniors are still struggling over how to begin researching their theses, one of their peers has been working