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Direct Action: A First Attempt

A woman behind me screamed. I turned around as she fell to her knees clutching her face. I pulled her

Weicker Sure About '80, Backs Nuclear Power

Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. R-Conn.). who recently announced his candidacy for president, last night told an audience at the

College Bowl

The College Bowl, an inter-college intellectual competition, may fast become Harvard's newest varsity sport. During the competition, which is modeled

Black Studies

A Dartmouth College faculty committee last week voted to broaden the Black Studies Program into an Africa and Afro-American Studies

Students Oppose Afro-Am Demotion

A group of Afro-American Studies concentrators met in the Frederick Douglass Room of the Afro-American studies Building last night to

Valentine's Day 1979: Urging Careful Love And Tender Loving Care

Some Harvard students celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday with champagne and caviar while other resisted any sentimental displays during Cupid's annual

Harvard to Bop at Boston-Boston Bash

Invitations--6400 of them--went out this week inviting the entire Harvard undergraduate body to the Student Assembly's Boston-Boston gala, set for