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Computers Revolutionize Harvard's Academic Life

Thesis writers today must fight with balky printers, live in fear of hard disk crashes and tremble at the thought

Store 24 Worker Changed in Attack

An employee of the Store 24 in Harvard Square was arrested for allegedly attacking two people outside the store on

HLS Students Will Visit Hong Kong

A delegation of 15 Law School students will spend spring break in Hong Kong and Beijing, meeting high-ranking officials and

Law Students Prepare Parody Show

Students at Harvard Law School are busy preparing for the annual Spring Parody, a humorous look at day-to-day life at

Silberstein Computerizes Voting, Sectioning

Eric M. Silberstein '98 has a way of taking on more than is expected of him. When the Adams House

Students Protest 'Net Censorship Proposal

The Communications Decency Act (CDA), passed by Congress last Thursday, has drawn fire from Harvard students for being vague, unenforceable

Coitus Interruptus Strikes Hundreds

Sex was unusually exciting yesterday. A group of at least six male students sang, shouted or disrobed yesterday afternoon in

'Captain Crimson' Draws Mixed Reactions From Game Spectators

It's John Harvard! It's an Angry Pilgrim! No, it's..."Captain Crimson"? This year's Game was the second in recent memory to

Arboretum May Take Community Garden Land

Gardeners in Jamaica Plain are protesting the proposed construction of a new education center for Harvard's Arnold Arboretum which could