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Seniors Ponder Thesis Agonies

The answering machine says it all. "I'm kind of married to my thesis right now, so I'm hard to get

Objectivist Says Abortion Rights Are "Pro-Life"

More than 50 people attended an abortion rights lecture sponsored by the Harvard Objectivist Club last night in the Sackler

Republicans Fill Board Spots

The Harvard Republican Club (HRC) filled the two remaining spots on its executive board this week with a female student

Faculty Considers State of Emeriti

Citing its ambiguous nature, the Faculty Council considered and rejected a proposal to give more privileges to emeritus professors. Council

Youthful Rep. Speaks at Boylston

At twenty-five, Barry Finegold is younger than most of the voters he represents. So it rang true last night when

Flaherty Bridge or Flaherty Prison

A bridge or a prison? Which is the most appropriate structure to bear the name of a state legislator whose

Memories Kindle Halloween Spirits

Five-year-old Zachary Khalil concentrated as hard as he could. He sniffed, bit his lip and, with a determined expression, plastered

Harvard Christianity Is Veritas Forum Topic

The 1996-97 Harvard Veritas Forum, a weekend-long conference exploring the role of God at Harvard, opened last night to a

Assailants Rob Quad Students

Two undergraduates were robbed at knifepoint by two assailants at 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning in front of 100 Walker